Guyanese Christian Association of Canada
Bake Sale \ Food Fair Report

The event was a tremendous success. Many fellow Guyanese contributed in making all our favorite foods. The hottest selling items were the fudge, potato balls, cheese sticks, cakes, beef patties, pint tarts, curry lamb, curry chicken and roti, pepper pot,dall pourri, plantain roll, cookup rice and especially the ginger beer and mauby. There were so many more good foods too numerous to mention.

Many thanks to all the wonderful people who helped to contribute and made all the foods and took the Friday off to cook and bake, and dedicated the Saturday to helping out and in so doing made this charitable event a tremendous success. God knows who you are and how you helped and will richly bless you for helping to help the poor, the least and the lost of Guyana.

Many thanks also to the hundreds of people who attended and spent all of their money because the food was so good. Most people can't wait for the next bake sale.(Guyana Christian Charities is having there bake sale in October in Scarboro-we will remind you).

We were able to raise over $2,700.00 from the Bake Sale/Food Fair and from contributions(exact total will be updated later) for charitable work in Guyana.

Information of where and how the money raised will be designated will be updated later.

Bro. Joey and Sister Gladys Sookhai, Sister Lolita Maharaj and Dave left for Guyana on 19th of July to do missionary work in the Lenora, Hog Island area. $1,700.00 was raised for their ministry.

Rev. Asif and Christine Hassan will be leaving on the 22nd.of July for Guyana. $1000.00 was raised for their Ministry. To learn more of their ministry see: Child Sponsorship Building Homes for the poor Newsletter