Guyanese Christian Association of Canada
Annual Charitable Bake Sale \ Food Fair
The GCAC together with HOPE GUYANA, annual charitable bake sale will be held on

Sunday June 10th 2007 -12 noon to 5pm
at the Ellesmere Community Centre at 20 Canadian Road,
one block south of Ellesmere Road off Warden Avenue.

Come and enjoy the foods and taste of Guyana - beef, chicken, and goat curry,
roti, dhal puri, polouri, bara, potato balls, cookup rice, chow mein, bake and
salt fish, meat patties, and lots of different cakes, pone, mittai, pine tarts,
salara, fudge, mauby, ginger beer, plaintain chips and a whole lot of fun.

Play ground available for kids.

Please forward this to all your family and friends.
We need volunteers and contributions-call us and get involved.
Please contact the following people to help:

 Richard and Fiaza Kartick: 905-812-8741       
Asif Hassan: 416-729-2743 email:
Rhyad and Fazie Hamid: 905-731-6751 email:
Joey and Gladis Sookhai: 416-508-2264

Donations of $10.00 or more will receive a tax receipt.
All funds raised are used for helping communities in Guyana.
Help us build homes for the homeless, send clothes, books, bicycles and
computers for all ages, feed the poor, help the church. You can do your
part to help by attending this great big family event.
For more information go to :