By Dr. Muttoo – Feb. 2004

Lots can be said about FAITH LIVING, but I shall try to be restrictive for this article.

Upon examining Luke 5: 1-11, it is not difficult to observe a man (who had, undoubtedly, heard about Jesus), humbly bowing in the Presence of the Lord, expressing his unworthiness: Depart from me, O Lord, for I am a sinful man vs. 8b.

Peter was not yet an Apostle, but recognized the Deity of Christ.

Jesus had just dismissed a large crowd, and immediately began focusing on one man, whom He saw was somewhat distraught and sad. Peter was an experienced fisherman, and knew that there would be times when such experiences can happen. Who knows? But, what about his wife, who had been expecting some bills to be paid, and children’s needs to be taken care of, and now he must disappoint her.

I am presuming that Jesus saw a man who needed some comfort, and so went to him, and with arms around him, said: Launch out into the deep! “Sir,” he could have said,” I am an experienced fisherman. This is my job, and I know it well. You don’t cast nets out in the middle of the day.” How could he not have said that? But did he? Absolutely not! Instantly, he realized that he was in the Presence of Almighty God, and without hesitation, responded: Master, we have toiled all night, and caught nothing, nevertheless, at Thy Word, I will let down the net. Wow! This is FAITH EXPLOSION! No question about it, he knew who said it to him, and so he replied.

This was ‘Wreckless Faith’ in action, that was duly compensated by the Lord.

Notice: That Peter made a unilateral decision. At first, he declared : …we have caught nothing, and then, he said, I will let down the net. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

However, Peter also addressed Jesus as Master. He could not have said that without being inspired by the Holy Spirit, Who knew that this was his (Peter ‘s) time to pay heed to his throbbing heart –CONVICTION.

Howbeit, Peter instantly obeyed the Lord, and ordered his helpers to do the same. One man, making a decision to go against all the odds, only to experience the miracle. He caught so many, that he called his partners to share in the MIRACULOUS CATCH.

Before he had nothing to share, and now as he obeyed in faith, he was able to enjoy the luxury of the miracle, and that of SHARING. What a lesson! Now, for the first time, Peter received confirmation in his heart, that He was in presence of a Holy God, and recognized his sinfulness, and repented. Jesus, of course, knew that this would happen, so told Peter that he would no longer catch fish, but would now become a fisher of men.

It is for you now, to join me in this wonderful experience of FAITH LIVING. What are you waiting for? GOD BLESS YOU!

Guyana and The Caribbean