Guyana and The Caribbean

THE MINISTER –Part 1   By Dr. F.X.Muttoo

The office of the minister comes from the line of the Priests and Levites. Aaron was appointed by God to become the first High Priest. Aaron was
called and sanctified for the task of speaking on behalf of the Lord, and thus his lineage became an important one.

Isaiah was properly cleansed for the task of representing the Lord – called to the ministry. Isaiah 6:5-12.

When Judas betrayed Christ the vacancy was filled by Matthias, as he was appointed by the Holy Spirit, who guided the Apostles as they prayed
for someone to take his place. Acts.4


Isaiah heard the Call; the Apostles and Paul heard the Call, and they responded, knowing that the responsibility of proclaiming the Gospel, and
caring for the church, were of utmost importance. The command was resonant: Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel….” Matt. 28:19
The mandate was clear: FEED MY SHEEP. Jn. 21:15-17.

It is imperative that the CALL be heard. One must be certain – absolutely convinced, that he is called by the Lord to the sacred and most holy
task of shepherding God’s people.

The CALL is not to be mistaken with a desire to serve the Lord as a minister, but must be a divine experience of the Holy Spirit, who alone must
anoint and sanctify the one who is called.

It must not be declared a Call to the ministry, because one is able to speak well and fluently.

It must not be mistaken by the urge of others who deem anyone as being able to be a good minister.

It must not be assumed a CALL, just because of a family of ministers who preceded that person.

It must not be for the sake of prestige or honour or position to be considered a CALL.

It should not be recognized as a CALL because one is living a true Christian life. THE CALL MUST BE HEEDED, ONLY AS THE HOLY

Academic? Absolutely not a primary concern The most important qualification is, to be in a close relationship with the Lord. Everything else falls
into place, after this. It is essential that one be aware of one’s CALL.