Guyana and The Caribbean

THE MINISTER – Part 2  By Rev.Dr. F.X..Muttoo

Let’s look at some GUIDELINES that you should follow.

Now that you know, that you are CALLED, ( as you know when you are in love), it is imperative that you follow certain
guidelines. I would like to offer you some of the things that enabled me along the way, to understand my Ministry.

You must be inclined to STUDY THE WORD OF GOD. 2Tim. 2:15 You are a man of the Word.


- 1. Set aside TIME –‘Yesterday is gone; you may never see tomorrow; you have only today. Use it wisely.

- 2. SYSTEMATICALLY budget your time.

- 3. REST. Mark 6:30,31. Take time to rest – 1Cor. 6:19- Your body is the Lord’s.

- 4. You must have SELF-DISCIPLINE (control) 1Cor. 9:27

- 5. PRAYER sustains your soul, and your life. Acts 6:4.

- You are a man of PRAYER, that runs the engine of SERVICE.


- PRAYER REPELS THE ENEMY, who is all out to steal, kill and destroy you. Jn. 10:10

- Your Prayer-Life is reflected in your ministry and its results.

- 6. You are a man of FAITH. “Without Faith, it is impossible to please God,” Heb.11:6. A life of Faith is a productive life
– one that exemplifies total dependence upon God, who alone can reveal answers, in your walk with Him.

- 7. As a Called man of God, you must preach THE WORD OF GOD, and not what people want to hear. You are not a
man - pleaser. Gal. 1:10; 2Tim. 4:3.

8. Preach CHRIST CRUCIFIED –1Cor. 1:23

9. GUARD THE MINISTRY by being mindful of others, whenever possible. 2Cor.6:3.

10. Be an EXAMPLE of LOVE AND GOOD WORKS– Titus 2: 7,8. –Read 1Tim. Chapter 3.

11. A Called minister, must be SUBMISSIVE – Heb. 13:17; 1Peter 5:1-7.

12. You are not a man of the world – 1Jn. 2: 15,16.

13. Only Prayer and the WORD OF GOD, and your victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil, can help you to be a
faithful ambassador. Rom. 8 : 8.

14. You are a SERVANT –Philippians 1:1; Matt. 20:28.

- 15. You are not a HIRELING. John 10 : 12.


I have just given you in a skeleton form, some of the most important areas to consider. So much more can be said about
the MINISTER, but you have enough to build on. Volumes can be written about the Minister, and I am sure that already
there are many books about THE CALLED MAN OF GOD. Emulating others can be helpful, but the real experience of
the life of a MINISTER lies in one’s understanding of one’s CALL. God bless you!