By Dr. F. X. Muttoo

The cacophony of sounds coming from the Da Vinci Code, are nothing but lies and craftiness of those who are out to relentlessly hurl their vicious abuse against the Christian Church. They emanate from hearts that are out to vilify Our Lord Jesus Christ. They are deliberately aimed at destroying the cardinal Beliefs of the Holy Bible- Truths that have changed millions of lives, and that have strongly denounced sinful living, will inevitably make ineffective ĎLIBERATION THEOLOGY.í

There is no question about it, we are in the last days. To many, this is foolishness, but to those who are Bible- oriented, our eyes are fixed on the imminent return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

And the Devil is well aware of this fact. This is not fictional as some may think. Take a look at the past and present, and what do you see? FULFILLMENT OF PROPHECIES. They are staring you right in the eyes, and still you cannot behold them. Why? The god of this world Ė Satan,
has blinded your eyes.

Let it be known that the Church of Christ has always been attacked, and these aggressive attacks will intensify even more rapidly.

Changing cultures Ė consequences of disobedience, have contributed largely to the total disregard for Christian principles. The breakdown in morals are due primarily to the culture that demands that children be not spanked or disciplined lest their parents or guardians be ushered into court. That
is the Law now! And you are still wondering?

Throughout history the Church has been under incessant attack. The intention of the devil is to destroy the Church by deceiving Godís people, and
all of His creation. Erroneous teachings have crept into the Church from time to time, and gullible Christians have been gobbled up by changing ideologies. But the church survived. And it will survive this present attack by the Da Vinci Code, that lots of people are wallowing in. Donít get
messed up with that stuff. Be grounded in the Word of God.

The Bible has always been the object of Satanís goal to prove it wrong. In order to gain foothold in the minds of those who never read it, nor study it,
he must distort it. God says: Itís more possible for heaven and earth to pass away, than for one jot or tittle of the Law (my Word), Luke 16:17. Itís
no wonder that people without knowledge of the Bible, are consumed with deception by all kinds of intruding sources. They easily become victims of such lies perpetrated by Satan through Higher Education, that claims wisdom. Oh, how foolish these are, who from above, can see the morbidity of earth, but cannot see from earth, the glory of God.

And the Deity of Christ has often been under scrutiny. You fail to understand and accept this mysterious truth, when faith is absent. The Deity of
Christ has always been challenged and made fun of, by those whose minds are darkened by sin, and who have deliberately poised themselves as advocates of the enemy to annihilate the Son of God Ė the Lord Jesus Christ, who Himself is God-Incarnate. He died for your sins. Go ahead and damage yourself more. The consequences for ignorance will be dealt with, while punishment for blasphemy, will be meted out accordingly.

To treat God with such contempt is absurd, and it carries with it, eternal separation from Him. God loves you, and it is time for you to repent, and by faith, turn around and seek His unchanging mercy while you still can. Confess to Him your sins, and He will forgive you. Donít wait for that time when you will not be able to do so.