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By Rev. Dr. F.X.Muttoo - Posted September 10th. 2003 - Part 1

Two years ago, unexpectedly, it all happened! The whole world was thrown into a tail-spin, as Tragedy struck the United States of America. On September 11, 2001, the peaceful and somewhat tranquil atmosphere of New York City and the Pentagon, was suddenly disturbed, and replaced with anguish and fear. Terrorism was unleashed, unmercifully, against FREEDOM.


The tallest buildings of the great metropolis, were targeted and demolished, when the first plane crashed into the first tower of the World Trade Center in New York City, about 9.45 a.m. Many thought that it was just an accident; but minutes later, the second plane rammed into the second tower, killing thousands more, thus dispelling every thought of an accident. It was quite clear that AMERICA WAS UNDER ATTACK. Minutes later, a third plane slammed into the Pentagon, ripping apart two-thirds of one side, killing over one hundred innocent people. The fourth plane, within the hour, was unable to hit its target –the White House, because of a struggle that might have ensued between the hijackers and the passengers, which might have been responsible for the detour toward Pennsylvania, where it crashed into an open field, killing everyone on board. What a tragedy!


Pandemonium broke out, as the fire and smoke mushroomed over the cities – New York and Washington. Screams and loud cries of the perishing, resounded throughout the cities. These howling shouts for help, were as loud as the impact of the planes. People were running in all directions for safety. Policemen and Firemen; Medical and Mercy helpers, were all out in full strength to help and rescue the thousands who were now trapped in the Towers, and the Pentagon building.

Panic gripped the nation, and almost every country around the world. CNN was there to capture the scenes that portrayed hate and vengeance, as the world looked on. Confusion stalked the gallantry of rescuers, obviously declaring that the hijackers had accomplished their mission. But for a few, the whole world looked on with broken hearts, and crushed spirits, over what they were beholding on the Television.


The inevitable question: WHY? And up surfaced the name, Osama bin Laden, as the apparent chief perpetrator of such brutality and savagery. For many years he has relentlessly pursued the United States of America, to terrorize and cripple the Super Power of the world. His evil devices have been in operation for decades. He has not failed to carefully and intelligently prepare his cohorts (members of Al Qaida), sending them around the world, with a strategic purpose- to annihilate his main target – the USA. His net-work of terrorism, has grown tremendously, capitalizing on the freedom of movement around the world, and more especially, the North American Continent.


The tremendous roar of the GIANT began, as the President of the United States very angrily announced in his address to Congress and the nation, that WAR was declared on the United States. He vowed and assured all Americans, that every effort would be made to bring to justice, the criminals, (and all nations harbouring them), and to marshall every available force, to combat this pernicious evil of TERRORISM.

Unceasingly, the COMMANDER –IN-CHIEF of the LAND, reiterated his displeasure, and that of the Congress and people of the USA. His passionate appeal to the people was quite clear – one of patience and endurance that must be evidenced.

Rev. Dr. F. X. Muttoo