Guyana and The Caribbean

(Part 2)

By Rev. Dr. F.X.Muttoo - Posted September 11th. 2003

Meanwhile, the excavations of the Rescue and Recovery teams, kicked into full gear, trying to remove the debris, and primarily searching for the living among the dead. The tenacious spirit of these dedicated workers - the firemen and police, and all who have vicariously given their lives in order to save others, became the motivation for the intense search of the thousands of lives within the ruins. The devastation was horrible.The scene was horrific and grotesque. The hope for agonizing cries from those who were trapped beneath the millions of tons of the fallen structures, soon faded away.

The Governor and Mayor of the city were, unquestionably, at the forefront of the search, visiting the cite ( ground zero), over and over again, daily reassuring the workers, that it might yet be possible, that survivors could be reclaimed. But the sniffing canines Ė trained for this type of rescue mission, were soon running out of instinct. And tired, they had now become!

The places that were once, two of the main attractions for tourists; the places that once housed hundreds of offices, (and thousands of employers and employees), were now in total collapse. What a shame!

But the Ďhome of the brave,í began manifesting its strength in unity, as every vicissitude of life in America, was revived and energized.The battle became an inevitable one. It was now time for the world to join with the United States of America, and take action against this inhumane assault on FREEDOM.

The Character of the Nation and International reactions

Churches, and all other religious communities that spawned the globe, within hours after the atrocities, held special services in memory of lost lives. Her Majesty the Queen attended a special service in St. Paulís Cathedral, London.

Within days, dignitaries - Presidents, Prime Ministers, King and Queen, and ambassadors of many countries of the world, began their trek to the White House, expressing their condolences and SOLIDARITY, in the war against this insidious and heinous infiltration - TERRORISM

President -George W. Bush, ceased not to encourage Americans, (more especially, the survivors and families of the deceased).The United States of America, like no other nation, quickly shelved their internal differences, and solidly got behind their C.I.C. It was a unified effort in response to the devastation and fatalities of that never-to-be-forgotten day. It was a response that is so characteristic of the Americans, that demonstrated the nationís solidarity behind the President and his strategists.


As the firemen, Police, Mercy helpers, (with thousands of volunteers from all over the Union), carried on their respective tasks, the CONGRESS of the United States had already empowered their President to act in compliance with his team of experts- his Chiefs of Staff. In one of the greatest Presidential speeches, the President reassured the nation and Congress, of his dogged determination to win this conflict, and at the same time, elucidating his objectives for this war.

Never before was seen such a quick and heartening response to Action, as the President and the Secretary of State - General Colin Powel, recruited the strongest GLOBAL COALITION, which pledged to steadfastly work with the USA, in cleansing the world from this vicious scourge. AND THE WAR GOES ON!


Letís not be too quick to judge the unheard cries of the thousands who perished. Letís be merciful and compassionate, and not be condemnatory in our insular religious concepts concerning the departed under the Rubble. It is my strong belief, that thousands, if not all, have had some moments of spiritual reparation with their God. They must have exhausted every effort to be heard by those who were desperately searching for them, but to no avail; but nonetheless, spent their last moments in communion with God. Remember the dying thief on the cross!

Only Eternity will reveal, one day, how these innocent, helpless and wonderful people, grappled with death. GOD BLESS THE MEMORIES OF THEM ALL. MAY HE COMFORT ALL WHO MOURN THE LOSS OF THEIR LOVED ONES! GOD BLESS AMERICA