Guyana and The Caribbean



by Rev. Dr. F.X.Muttoo

Part 1


Greetings in the Blessed and Holy Name of Jesus Christ - our God and only Saviour!

We are living in troublous times! Unquestionably, all that’s going on in our world today, just seem to convey a powerful message of the imminent return of Our Lord Jesus Christ! Don’t be too ready to dismiss this thought. The Bible has never been proven wrong in anything -especially in its APOCALYPTICAL ( re: Prophetic Revelation ),and ESCHATOLOGICAL( re: Doctrine of last things) enunciations.

The Phenomena -El Nino and La Nina, have not only thrown our world into a mass of confusion, but have completely baffled our Meteorologists(weather people) of the world.

Andres Tapia, in his article “Researching the First Post-Christian,” which appeared in Christianity Today, said: “The previous generation of evangelicals were responding to the atheism of that they set out to prove that there was an affirmative answer to the question “Is there a God?” But today the question to answer is “Which God?”

Today, as history repeats itself again, Christians are in total disarray - not knowing what really defines the True and Living God. The prophets Moses, Isaiah and Ezekiel (and others of the Bible), have had their share of battles in trying to guide the people into serving the one and only True God -JEHOVAH (Monotheism).Did they listen? NO! And the consequences were devastating. Remember Noah and Flood; the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Did they listen? NO! You know the price they paid.


The Answer is an unequivocal YES! The Invasion of our heritage as Christians -blatant efforts on the part of Secular Humanists,( to disprove and shatter the doctrine of SALVATION through Christ ONLY), is on the march. Are they succeeding? Don’t bat an eye-lid; the answer is a resounding YES! Too many Christians are disillusioned by the GREAT INVASION of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT. Dr. Ron Rhodes tells us:”the New Age movement has been called the fastest-growing alternative belief system in the country. It may be defined as a loosely structured network of individuals and organizations who share a common vision of a New Age of enlightenment and harmony(the Age of Aquarius) and who subscribe to a common set of religious and philosophical beliefs(that is “worldview”). This common set of beliefs is based on monism(all is one), pantheism(all is God), and mysticism(the experience of oneness with the divine).”They infiltrate Businesses, Schools, Churches, and the Home.This is a direct frontal assault on the Christian church - the unavoidable result of the outrageous rejection of the JUDEO CHRISTIAN ETHICS, AND MORAL ABSOLUTES. This movement blossomed in the 1970s. and has since been enveloping the world. Hundreds of Seminars have been held all over the world advocating.... “increased productivity; better employer relations, and more creativity among workers They teach attendees: you are your God; you can create your own reality; and you have unlimited potential,”(Rhodes) -a follow through of Shirley MacLaine’s diabolical views in1980s.

Today we have One World Monetary System movement afoot; one World government afoot; and One World currency afoot, and are desperately working toward One World Church as a Denomination.The potential for their globalization is inevitable - THE NEW WORLD ORDER.