by Dr. F.X.Muttoo



For I am God - your loving God,

Not dead as some may say;

I know your days, I know your ways;

Just let me guide, and be to you

A God who cares, and loves you so,

And change, Iíll never do.

Though many times I see you puzzled;

Perplexed, bewildered and lost;

I stand bemused, and oft times smile,

As I see you troubled today;

Iím listening, though you may not know

For Iím only a breath away.

I look, I wait, I behold your confusion,

And know that you are in distress;

Pleading, in an effort to find my Will,

As you wallow in your struggles;

Only to see and know that youíll soon

Be free, as your mind unboggles.

Your sincerity, commitment and dedication;

Your faithfulness, I do see;

Itís also seen by your vicious enemy,

Who, in his subtlety, his efforts are aimed

To detract, derail and destroy you;

And leave you defeated and maimed.

Youíre not unlike millions of others,

Who can relate, and are often the same;

Who succumb to the lies of the devil,

Making void the promises of God

Who remains faithful and true;

Unchanging, whose Name you must laud.

It is I who gave you health and strength;

It is I whoíve watched over you;

I stood by you in darkest of times,

As light flooded your souls and home;

And you knew and felt my Presence

When seemed as though alone.

I understand the financial burden

That you carry, and even though

It seems like I do not care about you

I am restrained by your lack of faith in me.

Believe me! I do want to help you;

Awaiting the explosion of faith to see.

No! I will not deny you any good thing;

I know whatís good for you;

Many times I must allow you to act

In confidence and trust, for your own good;

That your little faith will ignite

And cause miracles as it should.



Be still and know that I am God

Take time to know me in a greater dimension

Just let go, and let God;

And youíre on the road to living by faith

The road to prosperity and abundant life

Hurry, pursue it, donít wait!

Your cries are ever before me

How can I not hear them today?

You are my child, and I love you

And Iíll do what I can to alleviate your fear;

Iíll grant you the desires of your heart;

Take heart today; do not despair.

So, rest my child, donít be anxious about the future;

Just be patient, and watch me move;

Thereís much I have in store for you,

As the windows of Heaven I open;

So be ready to receive; enjoy what I give;

Be ready to reap many blessings from Heaven.

Unleash your faith in a wreckless way;

Donít try to understand how it works.

Take the plunge, and leave it to me;

I am able to do what you donít understand;

Iím ready to honour and bless you;

Itís time for you to enjoy this land.

Cheer up, and be not stripped of your joy;

You are precious and faithful to me;

You have walked uprightly all these years;

You have done what you felt was right,

But failed to see the Ďpot of gold;í

Itís now yours; accept with delight.

Iím ready to bless abundantly;

Iím ready to fulfill your dreams;

Iím ready to answer the unanswered prayers;

Iím ready to pour out upon you

The four dimensional blessings,

Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Financial too.