Rev. Dr. F. X. Muttoo


Many people believe that God cannot be a loving and all-powerful God if and when disaster strikes good people. Consequently, they conclude that it’s not worth the while believing in God. How foolish? When the righteous suffer, it’s always a good sign that they are human as well as others, and that they are allowed to enter intoHis sufferings.

In A GRIEF OBSERVED, C.S. Lewis admits that when his wife Joy died of bone cancer he felt as though the heavens had become a barrier of bronze between him and God.

Rabbi Harold Kushner in his book entitled WHEN BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE, reports that the issue of the suffering of people who love God is the ultimate theological question for sensitive religious people.

Oswald Chambers wrote in a book CHRISTIAN DISCIPLINES, “Perhaps to be able to explain suffering, is the clearest indication of never having suffered.” He concluded

that suffering is one of life’s “mysteries that awaken all other mysteries until the heart rests in God. But God’s people faithfully conclude, that suffering of the righteous makes faith in a loving, powerful God imperative.

WHEN YOU FEEL FORGOTTEN AND FORSAKEN, always remember that our God has promised ‘never to leave us nor forsake us. He keeps his promises.