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Rev. Lloyd and Olga Bisnauth

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Reaching the unreachable in the remote area of Guyana

We invite you to help us reach these precious people in the remote area of this beautiful land by :
1. Contributing financially for the purpose of purchasing medicine and the obtaining of a medical boat to meet the needs of those in the far reaches
of the rivers.
2.Helping in the promotion of the literacy program.
3. Joining us on short term mission projects.

About the country

The word Guyana is a native Amerindian word which means land of many waters. This is true of the country as it is traverse by many waters. The
Essequibo is the largest river. Its length is over six hundred miles and the width at its mouth is almost 20 miles. Hundreds of other rivers with
their many tributarities wind their way into the dense jungles of the Amazon basin. On the banks of these rivers and also on the hillsides, we
find some of God's most precious people, the native Amerindians. There are many different tribes, each with a distinct dialect. Many of them speak english but there are those in ther deep jungles whose communicatoins is limited to their individual dialetcs. Our ministry is to those who speak english and their native tongues.. This is the bridge we are using to reach those who are considered to be unreachable

How they live

Most of the people live off the land, by catching the fish from the rivers and by hunting wild animals. There is little or no means of employment. .Advance in agriculture, literacy and health will be a great contribution to a better way of life.

This great door of ministry is open to us, and we are entering in by God's grace

Our greatest contribution is the ministering of the Gospel, for without a moral change all our efforts will be in vain. It is beautiful to see young and old coming into the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Jesus said
"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then the end shall come".-Matthew 24:14

Worth the while Information

1:We provide charitable tax receipts

2: Medical students receive documentations for extra credit from Universities and Colleges

3: Being part of a short term mission's program gives an inner joy that is rarely experienced in our educated society

Prov. 19:17   If you help the poor, you are lending to the lord- and He will repay you- NLT

                                                                                                                       Guyana and The Caribbean