Guyana and The Caribbean

List of Guyanese Authors and Books

Rev.DR. Francis Muttoo - Thanksgiving makes the difference
Christopher Persaud         - God In Our Midst (Making the Most Important Decision of Your Life)
                                        - Famous People Speak About Jesus (A Compendium of Expressions of Praise & Reverence)
Evadne D'Oliveira            - The Scattered Jewels
Janet Jagan                -The Lure of the Mermaid and Other Childrens Stories
Raywat Deonandan- publication history
Guyanese Authors & topic available from Amazon-Canada
Lal Balkaran, Ed., Bibliography of Guyana and Guyanese Writers, 1596-2004
Ernest Persaud- Bath Estate: Short Stories About the People of Bath Estate
Joseph S. Persaud-Across Three Continents An Indo-Guyanese Family Experience
Richard Rupnarain-A Vision of the Promised Land
Gokarran Sukhdeo-Some Thoughts of the Academic Diaspora from the Indo-Caribbean Community
Basdeo Mangru- INDIANS IN GUYANA — A concise history from their arrival to the present.
Jahaji–An Anthology of Indo-Caribbean Fiction. TSAR, Toronto. 2000 Edited by Frank Birbalsingh
Balwant Bhagwandin- Wild Flowers - I hear guyana cry!
Indo Caribbean Writers